Considering there are plenty of guidebooks that have declared Spain to be the “land of ham,” some might be surprised by Barcelona’s newest proposal to declare itself a “veggie friendly” city. The exciting decision was announced after one of the city’s left-wing parties proposed the idea to City Hall.

The title “veggie-friendly” isn’t just for show, though. The declaration also includes concrete steps the city will take to help visitors following a plant-based diet find not only viable food options but exciting ones.


One of these steps will be the production of a vegetarian guide to Barcelona, as well as establishing a new “BCNvegPoint” which will be a space solely dedicated to vegetarian or vegan businesses. Considering the fact that Spain is already home to awesome vegan eateries like Viva La Vida, which is dedicated entirely to veggie burgers, and Rayen Vegano, which is often regarded as one of the best vegan restaurants in the country, we can’t wait to see what other places will open up!

The city is not only directing the conversation to tourists either. Along with the visitor’s guide, the city will be encouraging residents, in general, to embrace a meat-free diet, as well as promoting a global Meat Free Mondays campaign. The campaign was originally curated by Paul McCartney and his daughters, who advocate that trying to uphold a routine of at least one meatless day a week, can help slow climate change and improve people’s health overall.

Given Barcelona’s reputation for being a hub for every cured meat imaginable, this is certainly a sign that times are changing! And with the huge variety of delicious, plant-based foods out there, we can only imagine that the shift to a more veg-friendly city will result in some pretty fantastic culinary creations. The only question now is when can we book our next flight?

Image Source: Wikimedia