Remember when Baileys released “Almande,” their classic Irish Cream liqueur made with almond milk instead of dairy, and for a hot minute, the vegan food space rejoiced? No longer would cocktail enthusiasts have to DIY their own Irish Cream. Life was good — or so we thought. Although Baileys received an overwhelmingly positive response from vegans and dairy-free people alike, there was just one little problem. Unfortunately, the dairy-free version of their classic Irish Cream liqueur was not vegan at all because the formula contained beeswax. Bummer. Sure, you can make your own vegan Irish Cream liqueur, but having the convenience of vegan Baileys felt like a victory.

Luckily, Baileys was quick to admit fault and company representatives even assured disappointed consumers that they were working on making the formula vegan. While most of us likely have our reservations regarding promises made by big companies, Baileys held true to their promise and re-released their Almande liqueur with a “certified vegan label.”


We can certainly understand why Baileys was so keen to release a dairy-free version of their famed beverage; dairy consumption is on the decline and the market for milk alternatives has experienced unprecedented growth.  In just five years, the almond milk industry grew 250 percent to more than $894.6 million. Now is as good of a time as any to capitalize on dairy-free milk, which is exactly what Baileys did. The fact that they have listened to the customers saddened by the inclusion of beeswax kind of makes us feel a little warm and fuzzy inside.

According to Alex Tomlin, SVP of Scotch Whisky and Reserve Brands at Diageo North America: “We are excited to welcome spring with Baileys Almande, which offers the same quality and delicious flavor that people love about Baileys, but now in a dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan option that we know many are thrilled to enjoy.”

Baileys Almande liqueur is now available nationwide and you can find recipe ideas on their official website, as long as you’re of legal drinking age. We’re all excited for their certified vegan Almande, but remember, drink responsibly and never drink and drive.

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Image source: Baileys