Interspecies friendships are definitely in the top three on our list of favorite things. It melts our hearts when we see hamsters snuggled up with kittens and birds riding on the backs of dogs  – which led to an interesting discovery; it’s scientifically proven (by us) that the greater the size difference is between the species, the cuter their friendship is and the happier it’ll make everyone.

So when a baby pig and a Great Dane become friends, well… it only proves our scientific-totally-based-on-facts-and-evidence-and-research theory to be true. It’s cute. It’s really cute. Which can only mean one thing. The more you watch this video, the happier you’ll be. So go on, watch this video a few more times. After that, you can move on to these videos and these pictures.


We’re in the business of changing the world here and our goal is to help humans and all animals reach that level of interspecies friendship that these animals share with one another. It’s nothin’ but love, just the way it should be.