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Unless you live in sub-Saharan Africa where nearly all wild lions live, it’s likely that all you have seen of the majestic “King of the Jungle” has been through a screen. And of that footage, a great deal of it has likely been lions defending their territory, fighting other animals to the death, or patrolling their land. While these activities do make up a large part of a wild lion’s life, these animals are also incredibly close to their families. In the wild, African lions live in groups of around fifteen individuals. Babies are typically raised by the entire pride but the bond between mother and cub or father and cub is undoubtedly the strongest.

The bond between mama lion and cub is illustrated perfectly in the video above. This adorable cub craves the attention of their mom so much that they wake her up … just for a hug! By the way the mama clutches onto her baby and brings her in close for a big squeeze we don’t think she was very annoyed by the disturbance. This touching moment not only offers us a glimpse into the lives of African lions but is also a poignant reminder as to how similar these creatures are to us. If you were touched by this video and want to make sure that African lions are around long enough for future generations to enjoy their majestic presence, click here to learn about how you can help this endangered species.