The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) has another new baby elephant under its wings. Little Enkesha was rescued by the organization after she survived a terrible attack from bushmeat poachers who almost severed her trunk. Looking at Enkesha, it is hard to imagine that anyone would ever want to hurt her – but what she went through was unimaginable.

Bushmeat poachers target animals living in the wild and sell their meat as luxury items on the black market. Sadly, the senseless taste for “exotic” meat results in the killing and suffering of countless wild animals every year.


Enkesha’s trunk was almost completely severed by a poacher’s snare. Once the baby was in the hands of the rescuers, it became obvious that the only way to help her, avoid infection of the serious wound, and alleviate her pain, was to carry out an emergency surgery.

This, unfortunately, meant that the little ellie would have to be separated from her mom in the bush and flown to the DSWT Orphanage.

Initially, the operation was a success, but the elephant’s stitches popped out after two days. The vets and caretakers did not give up on the calf and her trunk, though.

Vets were reluctant to partially amputate her trunk since Enkesha could still use the tips. So instead, they opted to consciously clean her trunk until it healed on its own. Thanks to the special care from the team, Enkesha now can use her trunk far better than anyone expected! She can lift it, pick up twigs, and she even tries to give herself a dust bath!

After so much trauma and pain, this little baby is now on her way to complete recovery and will soon return to the wild!



Enkesha was very lucky to be found by people who went above and beyond to help her get back to health.


To visit the DSWT’s website and learn more about their work and the baby elephants recovering at their Orphanage, click here.

Image source: DSWT/Facebook