Interspecies relationships in the animal kingdom are pretty incredible. These relationships rarely have limits and can help form bonds between foster mothers and their adopted young or even between unlikely friends.

In this case, a baby Asian elephant has befriended a dog and even takes up a game of tag with the yellow pooch. Unable catch up with his new friend, the elephant calf throws a slight temper tantrum by flailing a trunk full of grass, and eventually, quitting the game altogether.

These two animal friends can be seen at the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Thailand’s elephant tourism is often placed under scrutiny for it’s harsh practices in animal training (such as with the trekking industry); however, the Elephant Nature Park specializes in rescuing elephants from exploitative and abusive lifestyles as well as educating visitors and volunteers about the plight of endangered species.

We’re happy to see that this little elephant is growing up in such an awesome sanctuary … even if he does act a bit rotten!