Dolphins are among the most complex and intelligent species on the planet. They are extremely self-aware and have deep social and emotional bonds with their pod members. The bond between a mother and baby dolphin is said to be one of the strongest on Earth. Adding to the beauty of these animals is the fact that they also have very large and developed brains that enable them to learn and adjust to their surroundings. Dolphins have even demonstrated the ability to mimic human speech and vocalizations. But despite the brilliance of dolphins, humans still insist on keeping them captive in marine parks.

The video above shows exactly how taking dolphins from their multifaceted lives in the wild impacts this species. This little one is currently living at Loro Parque in Spain. In the YouTube description, the people who filmed the dolphin explain, “We watched this baby dolphin, after a show, for over 10 minutes until we were asked to leave. When we questioned the trainers as to why this dolphin was left alone for such a long period of time in the heat with no shade, they became extremely defensive and aggressive, stating that the dolphin wasn’t on its own … our video footage begs to differ… we were then ushered out by security.”

Bobbing listlessly at the water’s surface is a telltale sign of mental distress. The boredom and frustration of life in a tank have led dolphins to exhibit stereotypic behaviors such as swimming in circles repetitively, establishing pecking orders, and lying motionless at the surface or on the aquarium floor for relatively long periods. Dolphins have also been known to slam themselves against the sides of tanks. In absolute desperation, these animals can also choose to consciously stop breathing and end their own lives.

It is up to all of us to take a stand for these beautiful creatures by refusing to pay for their suffering. You can help make a difference for these highly intelligent animals by boycotting all marine parks and sharing videos like this one to raise awareness!

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