In our fast-paced, technological society, people often forget that there is a face, an entire life, behind the meat on their plate. Jerry the cow is one of those lives and here he is. A quick look at Jerry shows the many atrocities facing innocent animals all over the world—because farming isn’t the sweet, family-owned business that people think it is.

Jerry was one of the lucky ones who was rescued from a beef farm. He was injured upon birth and was not allowed to receive the proper care, the care he would traditionally receive from his mother. For days Jerry limped around, struggling to eat and drink. After almost a month, Jerry was still struggling in the same, dirty room where he was born. This life, a life without care, nutrition, nature, family, and pain relief are normal in this industry.


Refuge RR came to Jerry’s rescue and rushed him, immediately, to the veterinary hospital. At first glance, the prognosis was not good. Jerry looked really bad, and more than likely would have to be euthanized. Refuge RR insisted, however, that tests be taken first before any decisions were made. They wanted to know if there was anything they could do to help Jerry before they gave up.

Among his conditions were a massive arthritic infection in his knee and a huge abscess in his neck. Because Jerry hadn’t received the nutrients from his mother’s milk, he had no immunity and was full of infection. Additionally, his red blood cells were low, he was full of lice, dehydrated, emaciated, had low blood sugar and low body temperature, and more. Again, it bears repeating that this is normal in the animal agriculture business. They want to make a profit, at the end of the day, and providing care for animals costs money they’d prefer not to spend.

The plan is to give Jerry a blood and plasma transfusion, iv fluids, antibiotics, glucose, and parasite control. They’ll also introduce him to milk and get him fed properly. If those treatments work, they’ll move forward with surgery to deal with his other problems. What’s important here is that people love Jerry, people are caring for Jerry. He may have a chance at a happy life, free of pain and suffering. He may have a chance at a life in the sunlight instead of a dark, barren, concrete cage. This is a victory, already.




Refuge RR needs your support. If you want to help Jerry with his emergency veterinary care you can do so in one of three ways, all which can be found here, at the end of the post.

All image source: Refuge-RR/Facebook