Activists working to end the exploitation of animals in circuses have scored another victory! Stardust Circus, one of the biggest circuses touring in Australia, has announced that it has dropped all elephant acts. The move is a direct result of the pressure coming from the public, which is becoming more and more aware of the widespread abuse circus animals experience.

“Another cruel and archaic elephant circus act bites the dust — and we have dedicated animal rights activists to thank for it!” said PETA. Stardust Circus announced they would be removing elephant acts in a social media post advertising the upcoming shows. “Unfortunately activists make it very difficult to travel with animals today,” the circus wrote and added that it had stopped touring with elephants for now – and hopefully forever.


Earlier this year, the major general of the Arkansas National Guard prohibited future performances and implemented a ban on animal acts after learning from PETA and local activists that several Stardust Circus shows in the state were to feature elephants owned by the notorious Carson & Barnes Circus. After the new policy, the circus had trouble keeping scheduled performances, enduring more cancellations the following month.

As PETA emphasizes, Carson & Barnes has racked up more than 100 violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act. The company has, among other things, failed to provide animals with basic necessities like veterinary care, minimum required space, and clean water. Only last year, a report from an expert veterinarian showed that under the circus’s watch, elephants Libby and Bunny were “abused, injured, harmed, and harassed [as well as] suffering physically, in a state of psychological deterioration.”

The decision is also not the first time Stardust Circus dropped an animal act following a public outcry. After PETA’s protests against a kangaroo boxing act, the circus let go of the stunt.

The elimination of elephant acts from the circus is a step in the right direction and it will save many animals from further abuse. However, Carson & Barnes still supplies another circus, Garden Bros. Circus, with animals who are then exploited for human entertainment. “If circuses want to prevent dwindling attendance and their ultimate demise, they’ll need to eliminate all animal acts,” PETA writes.


To support the case, you can sign a petition urging Carson & Barnes to end all animal acts here.

Image source: WolfBlur/Pixabay