Australian Group Plans to Use Drones to Fight Animal Abuse

An Australian animal welfare group known as Animal Liberation plans to deploy drones to hunt for evidence of animal abuse on private property.

According to the Age, the group plans to operate a six-bladed, helicopter-type drone  equipped with a powerful camera above free-range egg farms and cattle yards, to gather evidence of abuse.


Farmers in New South Wales are not amused. The president of the NSW Farmers Association, Fiona Simson told the Australian that the move was  an unnecessary invasion of privacy, as farmers were already committed to high animal welfare standards.

But Animal Liberation executive director Mark Pearson responded by saying that  animal welfare was in the public interest, and the surveillance would not contravene privacy or trespass laws.

David Warriner, president of the Northern Territory Cattleman’s Association thinks some farmers would have to go at the drone with their guns.

“Ninety-nine per cent of farmers do the right thing so I don’t think the drones will last long,” said Mr. Warriner.


This isn’t the first time drones have been used in animal and environmental activism. Sea Shepherd used a drone to track and photograph a Japanese whaling fleet. In the U.S., an unmanned flight by one amateur drone enthusiast sparked an investigation into a meat-packing plant in Dallas

Look out…the activists in the sky are watching!

Image Source: Ed Schipul/Flickr