Imagine a world where animals live just like us. They go to work, they run their own businesses, and they communicate just like we do. It’s not a new concept; anthropomorphic animals (think Bugs Bunny) have shown up in practically all forms of popular culture. Well, one Swedish-based group of artists is taking that concept and bringing it to life in the form dioramas that portray little cafés for mice that serve nuts in the city of Malmö. If that sounds adorable, it’s because it absolutely is. So, who’s behind this crafty project? Well, you might say that they prefer to remain … anony-“mouse.” No, really. That’s their name — AnonyMouse. It’s like Banksy, only they dabble exclusively in catering to our imaginary worlds of the lives lived by animals who act like people.

One artist told the Huffington Post, “It’s just too darn charming to imagine a world where mice lives parallel to ours but just slightly out of sight.” We agree — it worked in Disney’s The Great Mouse Detective.


 Concepts for the mouse restaurants (mousetaurants?) first appeared eight weeks ago but it wasn’t until just recently that this art project went live. Now it is tantalizing the taste buds of rats and mice and capturing the curiosity of thousands of humans. 

We can tell that AnonyMouse planned ever little detail their project — check out the tiny credit card stickers on the door. 

Classic mouse horror movie posters and a window lined with nuts of all kinds … Sounds like the kind of place where we would want to spend an afternoon.

Noix de Vie, which translates to “Nuts of Life” sounds like a hip coffee shop for mice to sit on their laptops all day and use free WiFi after buying a single soy latte. 

Seriously, the amount of detail that went into these little works of art is amazing. We can’t wait to see what else AnonyMouse has in store.



According to an article on Sydsvenskan, a Swedish news website, locals were so into the concept that they added their own personal touches to the displays, like food, animal figurines, and posters. Unfortunately, there were also a few ne’er-do-wells who tried to disassemble these works of art, but luckily that didn’t deter the people behind AnonyMouse from doing what they loved: making little dioramas of restaurants for mice. Soon after they were forced to disassemble a display in order to preserve it, another restaurant popped up.  Allegedly, the artists still have more in store for the people of Malmö. We’ll be looking forward to what’s next.

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All image source: anonymouse_mmx/Instagram