Army Medic Angie McDonnell thinks she and her comrades would have been killed in Afghanistan if not for a heroic military dog named Vidar, who sniffed out a stash of Taliban weapons. Years later, when Vidar was later in danger of being put down, Angie set out to rescue the dog who saved her life.

In 2012, Vidar, a four-year-old Belgian Malinois, was patrolling near Camp Bastion when he found a stash of Taliban guns and grenades. After notifying his handler, experts were able to seize and disable the weapons, probably saving the lives of British soldiers stationed in the area.


Angie was one of those soldiers. When she first saw Vidar, she instantly fell in love and the two became fast friends. During their months of service together, they would go on runs and play in the desert while off-duty. Angie was sad to leave him when she returned home.

Vidar remained in Afghanistan and developed PTSD-like symptoms and poor eyesight that rendered him useless on the field. Angie kept tabs on her canine comrade and learned he was in danger of being put down.

“When I heard he had been retired after starting to get scared, I knew I had to track him down to help him,” said Angie. She eventually found him at a training camp in Germany.

Angie and her hero-dog are now sharing a happy life in Barry, Wales, and Vidar is adjusting well to his new home.


Image source: Matthew Horwood / Caters News