arizona run with the bulls

Thought the cruel and dangerous “Run with the Bulls” event only happened in Pamplona, Spain? Think again. A group in a small town called Cave Creek, Arizona organized a weekend long event that allowed locals a chance to experience the pointless dash from frightened animals that attracts thousands every year in Spain.

Organizers in Cave Creek claim that their version is safer than Pamplona’s version, because their bulls are rodeo animals whose horns have been blunted for the occasion. The event drew dozens of spectators and hundreds of runners in a “festive atmosphere” that included food and alcohol tents.


It may be safer for the people involved, but what about the animals? Don’t we have enough forms of pointless entertainment to choose from in the United States? Do we really need to try and re-create ancient, outdated traditions from other cultures that are incredibly cruel to the animals involved for the sake of a few thrills for the participants? Are we that bored?

Let’s hope this doesn’t turn into a regular event and some common sense prevails.