As much as we animal lovers would like every single animal to be born into safe environments, this is not always the case. For every animal that happens to be born in a loving place, there is one born into a factory farm, an abusive household, or on the streets. Thankfully, there are people out in the world who dedicate their lives to finding these unlucky animals and giving them a second chance at life. And when these animals are finally rescued, it’s pretty obvious how happy they are, it’s arguably the happiest day of their adorable lives! Whether they’re being saved from the cruelty of a factory farm or simply from having to fend for themselves on the streets, these animals are appreciative and you better believe they show it!

We’ve seen dogs freak out from happiness after realizing they were getting adopted, ducks become fascinated with a puddle of mud simply because it was the first time they stepped outside, and pups from a puppy mill completely transform when they realize they’re finally in safe hands. Seeing these animals slowly open up to humans again is one of our favorite scenes to witness!


For instance, look at this puppy totally loving up on the officer who just rescued him from an abusive home. He literally can’t keep his paws off! No wonder he was promptly adopted by one of the officers.


Then there’s this fluffy little darling of a duck who was taken in by Woodstock Farm Sanctuary and simply cannot contain her excitement! Her dark days are finally behind her and she is able to bask in the sun and play around in water like a typical duck!

Woodstock Farm Sanctuary/Facebook

And last but not least, there’s this cute clique of baby raccoons. These curious little guys are orphans who were taken in by WildCare. They are learning all the skills they need to be reintroduced back into the wild successfully. But for now, they look pretty amused where they are! 

Not all animals are lucky enough to be rescued and there is still a lot of upsetting news in the world that we should be concerned with, but every once in a while it’s important to step back and celebrate these small (adorable) victories. After all, if we don’t celebrate the victories, what’s the point of it all?


Lead image source: Woodstock Farm Sanctuary/Facebook