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It probably goes completely without saying that we love looking at animals. We love cute animal videos, hilarious animal photobombs, silly animal gifs, and unique animal art. Can you blame us? Animals are amazing! There are more breeds and species than we can count, more interesting facts about them than you can shake a stick at, and more discoveries made about them each and every day. We’re unrepentant animal addicts and proud of it!

We know we’re not alone either, which is why we’ve picked out a few Instagram accounts that can deliver your daily animal fix in the cutest, sweetest and most heart-warming of ways. Have a thing for the ball-of-adorable that is a hedgehog? We’ve got you covered. Love checking up on rescued elephants who are allowed to live their natural lives away from the horrors of their past? Look no further.

This list has a little something for everyone! Check it out to brighten up your day, and make your feed just that much more enjoyable. Following some of these might even help to keep you informed when there’s a call to action or an animal in need – while reminding us how important sanctuaries and shelters are to the animals we adore. But don’t take our word for it! Check these pages out for yourself and prepare for the unbridled adorable contained within.



1. Lil Bub (@iamlilbub): Born with severe issues as the runt of a healthy liter of feral cats, Lil Bub found a caring owner, and Instagram found an utterly lovable celebrity. 

2. Boon Lotts Elephant Sanctuary (@blesele): Located in Thailand, BLES works tirelessly to give rescued elephants  refuge, while posting awesome pics of their work to brighten our feeds.

3. Beth Stern (@bethostern): An avid supporter and volunteer with the North Shore Animal League, Beth fills her Instagram account with foster kitten pictures for a daily dose of “awww”.

4. Farm Sanctuary (@farmsanctuary): Want to see a variety of animals all living in safety and harmony? Then follow Farm Sanctuary and prepare to see some of the most heartwarming pics ever.

5. Digby and Aloysius VanWinkle (@digbyvanwinkle): It is next to impossible not to smile when two adorable best friends like these grace your computer screen.

6. Biddy (@biddythehedgehog): If you love travel and find hedgehogs adorable then taking an Instagram trip with Biddy can satisfy on all counts. 

7. Momo the Border Collie (@andrewknapp): The pup of photographer Andrew Knapp and subject of the photo book Find Momo, this adorable guy’s updates serve up a heaping helping of whimsy with each post.

8. Best Friends Animal Society (@bestfriendsanimalsociety): With a motto like “Save Them All,” this account showcases daily reasons why adopting vs. shopping is vital.

9. Sam (@samhaseyebrows): Sam is a rescue cat. Sam has magnificent eyebrows. ‘Nuff said.

10. Mr. Bagel (@chinnybuddy): Mr. Bagel is a rescued chinchilla who is using his Instagram account to spread the word about refusing fur – while simultaneously being just about the cutest spokesmodel the cause has ever seen. 



Do you follow an animal account on Instagram that brightens your day? Share it in the comments so we can follow it too!

Lead image credit: Best Friends Animal Society