Brace yourself for some truly wonderful news. The President of Lebanon, Michael Auon, has officially signed an animal welfare and protection law, making animal abuse illegal in the country!

After eight years of hard work, Animals Lebanon, an animal welfare and protection organization, has helped accomplish one of their largest goals. In honor of all of their hard work, Animals Lebanon was even invited and welcomed to the Presidential Palace to be there for the signing.


Now, Lebanon has a strong and comprehensive law to give animals the legal protection they need and to punish those who abuse them. This is a very special moment for Lebanon as a country, whose leader has shown great compassion through this action. But even more so, it’s special for the animals all over the country.

The push for this law started back in 2010 when Animals Lebanon tried to stop a cruel, animal-abusing circus but were told that despite the moral, ethical, and religious correctness of their opposition to the circus, there was no legal basis.

They spent days, on weeks, on months, on years doing all the hard working that has led to this point and now there will be a legal basis when they and others challenge animal cruelty.

Among a long list, the law has general requirements for the handling and keeping of all animals, actual rules for zoos, pet shops, farms, and slaughterhouses, and stricter punishments for criminals with fines up to 100 million Lira and up to four years in prison.


None of this would have been possible without Animals Lebanon and all of their volunteers and supporters. They are proof that if we keep working hard we can make a difference.

Image source: Animals Lebanon/Facebook