Cats with extra expressive faces have been known to become internet celebrities (remember Grumpy Cat?) but sometimes this kind of status on the inter-webs has a chance to lead to something more than having a fun merchandise line. Shamo, a gray cat living in the pet rescue center Rencontrer Mignon in Tokyo, is just about the angriest-looking cat you probably have seen, but it is this cranky demeanor that has the chance to give her what she actually must want the most – a forever home.

Shamo has been in the shelter for more than a year now. Because of her unique little face that brings all the attention, she has her own Twitter account and a dedicated page on the shelter’s website.


Although her face would make you think otherwise, Shamo cannot actually be that annoyed all the time, can she?

But one thing is for sure – in a great forever home, she will be a much happier cat

…even if her expression is still not exactly delighted!

Shamo could certainly be the next big thing in the world of internet-famous cats – but just to be adopted would be more than enough for her.


Surely Shamo would not want anyone to be misled by her angry face – she has a big heart and waits impatiently for her new family. If you are interested in adopting her, visit Rencontrer Mignon’s website.

All image source: Shamo_Girl/Twitter