Every year in Taiji, Japan a brutal dolphin drive and hunt occurs. While this hunt has gained publicity in the mainstream media thanks to the documentary “The Cove,” what many people don’t realize is that the dolphins involved in this hunt are not only killed for the sake of becoming meat, but the pretty ones are sold and shipped off to be put on display in aquariums and marine parks across the world.

Angel, the dolphin in this video was unfortunately in the latter group. Angel is a rare albino dolphin, so when hunters spotted her, it is no surprise they stopped at nothing to tear her away from her mother and get her up for sale. This poor dolphin now resides at the Taiji Whale Museum where she is kept in a deplorably filthy pool along with many other animals.

Watching this majestic animal swim laps in the “putrid cell,” as the Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian Facebook page describes it, she has been in for the last three years is sure to break your heart. This is why we need to #EmptyTheTanks.

Remember, when you go to marine parks and aquariums in the U.S. – or anywhere in the world – you are supporting this suffering and abuse. No animal should have to suffer for our entertainment.