Many artists work hard to create art that masks the process used to achieve it. Whether it’s a realistic painting or a sculpture, they meticulously bring to life with brushstrokes, pencil markings and imperfections. Adam S. Doyle, however, takes a different approach to putting paint on canvas and his results are stunning.

“I always want my marks to be visible, to keep this sense of wonder present, ” Doyle says.  “I’m committed to making images that speak truth to power, that provide space to breathe, and that use simple forms to reveal and make accessible the heart of stories.”


While his art depicts a variety of animals using minimal colors and fluid strokes, his subjects are quite often wolves and crows, two animals that symbolize intelligence and wisdom. Set against light and even stark landscapes, his animals possess a pensiveness and calm that are so often seen in their real life inspirations along with a rich inner life – depicted by the riotous colors used in their interiors. Beautiful and thought provoking, these images allow the viewer to appreciate the natural, awe-inspiring splendor of animals in all of their graceful glory.


Solace Meadow

Tantara Field

Euphony Loop


Epistle Pass



Prince With a Thousand Enemies

Keeper Hill


Kinsman Grove

Legacy Forest



All image source: Adam S. Doyle