Are chimps people too? Alec Baldwin sure thinks so. In the video, watch Baldwin’s compassionate side unfold, while he talks about animal rights in support of the new documentary “Unlocking the Cage.”

Baldwin is a well-known animal rights activist and a huge supporter of many organizations, such as PETA and Save the Manatee Club. He was featured in many public service announcements for both organizations, including making a video for PETA’s “Meet Your Meat.” He recently voiced a boycott of circuses as well. Supporting “Unlocking the Cage” is his most recent support of animal rights.


The new documentary follows Steve M. Wise, founder and president of the Nonhuman Rights Project, who also believes that animals, like chimpanzees, are legal “persons.” “Unlocking the Cage” explores Wise’s struggles and successes as he fights to break down the wall separating humans from animals, and seeks to give chimpanzees the protection they deserve.

In December 2013, Wise and his legal team made history by being the first to file lawsuits for four chimpanzees’ rights to legal personhood.

After over 30 years of fighting for animal personhood rights, Wise seems to be getting somewhere with this issue.

“The lower court judges were sufficiently impressed with [Wise and his teams] legal arguments to hold oral hearings and then direct[ed] the lawsuits up to the Appellate Courts for a decision on animal personhood,” according to the Kickstarter page. “Steve is presenting his cases to the Appellate Court this fall.”


“Unlocking the Cage” hopes to be there when Wise presents his case this fall. They hope to capture the story of one man’s uncompromising journey to give animals the protection they should have already possess — freedom.

The documentary is in the works and is currently seeking funds on Kickstarter. The project has only six days left to raise an additional $8,000 to reach its $75,000 goal, or else the project will not be funded!

If you would like to support this project, please consider making a $1 minimum pledge at their Kickstarter page here. For updates on “Unlocking the Cage,” check out the documentary’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

Image source: The Hollywood News