Pecan is one lucky pig! You see, he was rescued by a kind-hearted student who refused to let him be slaughtered. Not only did she rescue him, but she picked the perfect place for him to live out his life. She took him to Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary. Here, Pecan could live forever and free – free to roam about, free to dig, free to splash in the water, free to do what a pig should.

Pecan was rescued today by the student who raised him at a local college agricultural program. She realized that she loved him too much to let him go to slaughter and asked Tamerlaine Farm Sanctuary to be his forever home.

Thanks to these two compassionate ladies, Pecan will live a fulfilling life without fear, pain, or suffering. Welcome to Tamerlaine Farm Pecan!

Pigs are highly social and intelligent animals that even develop social ranks.

Look how peaceful he looks while sleeping. Like humans, pigs dream a lot. We wonder what he is dreaming about? Fruit, pasta, popcorn perhaps?



Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary is located in Northern New Jersey and was founded in 2014 as a paradise for abused and neglected farm animals. The sanctuary provides these innocent animals a safe, permanent home where they are loved, respected, and cared for. The sanctuary is also open to the public in order to teach humane education, change the way people perceive farm animals, and show them a whole new side to them that the factory farm industry tries hard to keep hidden. That is that they are smart, funny, and loving animals that are full of personality.

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All Image Source: Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary/Facebook