Bear bile is used in Traditional Asian Medicine because it is thought to have incredible anti-inflammatory properties. However, extracting bile from bears is a miserable and excruciating process for the animals. Although bear bile farming is illegal in many Asian countries, there are an estimated 12,000 Asiatic black bears in bile farms across southeast Asia.

Thankfully, organizations like Free the Bears exist and are doing their best to care for the victims of this trade like Blue, a sun bear cub found in a blue basket by a group of rescuers from Free the Bears. When rescuers came across Blue, they quickly took him to the Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre in Cambodia. It was discovered that he had suffered some extreme spinal injuries, likely caused by a physical trauma from being captured by a poacher. The injuries were so bad, he could barely walk.

After months of rehabilitation, medical treatment, love and care, this little bear is finally able to act like a normal cub! He can walk, climb, and play with his friend Baker, another rescued cub. Although walking is still exhausting for this little guy, he is building up more and more strength every day.

Free the Bears is able to take such good care of Blue and the other bears at their facility thanks to donations made to the center. To learn more about Free the Bears and their mission to end bear bile farming, keep tabs on Blue’s exciting progress, or donate, you can visit their website here or follow them on Facebook.