Lately, we’ve been seeing a lot of awesomely heartwarming stories that involve foxes. We’ve witnessed a beautiful red fox diving headfirst into the snow in search of food, an adorable red fox napping  in someone’s backyard, and, of course, the now-famous story of Tinni and Sniffer, the real life fox and the hound.

Today, we have one more story to add to the fox-loving frenzy! (Because, really, there can never be enough!)


In Menlo Park, Calif., an adorable family of foxes has adopted Facebook’s headquarters as their new home. Employees loved their wild visitors so much that they have chronicled their comings and goings through photographs and even started a Facebook page (of course) called FB Fox, who’s tagline is “A page to appreciate the fantastic FB Foxes. Share your celebrity sightings here! Please honor the foxes. No chasing or feeding — just mutual respect.”

Way to go Facebook!

Now, get ready for some cuteness , and check out some of the fox family sightings below!

Here, they are just chilling and napping the day away…

Jayant Manwani / Facebook

…and they didn’t even stir when this close-up photo was taken.

Jayant Manwani / Facebook

They definitely don’t seem to mind being the center of attention — Facebook rock stars in the making here, people!

Karl Frankowski / Facebook

And here they are again, all curled up and being lazy during a fall afternoon. Napping has never been so cute!

Simon Bond / Facebook

Oh, why hello there! Did we wake you?

Cheryl Fenn / Facebook

Oh, nope, still napping, creating a perfect excuse for one employee to drive home late: “There was a fox on my car!”

Mike Nugent / Facebook

Playing, napping, or making humans late, what more does a little fox need?

Jeff Ferland / Facebook