We think it’s the prudent play here to start by acknowledging that the pet parents of this prairie dog named him Swarely. Let’s just get the awesome out of the way early, shall we? We mean, honestly, the fact that this family is comprised of two prairie dogs, two foster ducklings, and a very gentle Labradoodle is epic enough, but christening one of the little darlings after Barney Stinson’s misspelled nickname from the crazy-eyed barista on How I Met Your Mother just takes this to the next level.

This adorable quintet has taken Instagram (and Vine) by storm, with 36.6K followers. Can you blame people? The goings on of such an unlikely combo of beings can’t help but bring a little daily joy.


We also think you should know that that aside from naming their dog Biscuit and posting positive messages about the rewards of sharing your life with a senior dog, which is fantastic, the ducks go by the names Halpert and Hugh Quackman. Seriously, you guys, this duck’s name is Hugh Quackman. Today is an excellent day to be alive.

Their naps are cuter than yours are. Guaranteed.

Onward trusty steed! I spy food!


Hey, watcha doin? I wanna do it too! Here I come!


Yup, their family photos are cuter than your’s too.




“Sigh, I just have such a bad case of senior-itis. I have no idea when I’m going to need Calculus anyway in the real world. You realize I’m a prairie dog, right?”



There’s way too much “awwww” in this picture.




People, let me tell you ’bout my beeeest frieeeeeend…


  Here’s two pair out of the most magical full house ever.


It’s okay little ones, they’ll get off the island eventually. I know Penny will find them.


We have no need for rubber duckies in our bath.

You want a piece of me, Mr. Hand? Come at me bro!


“Man, this is the slowest bus in town.”


Whoa, whoa, calm down, it’s cool, you called the shot, I take it back, just be cool.


“I don’t mean to alarm you, but there is a fizzy, bubbly, vaguely floral smelling substance on my face.”


Remember that one time when you dreamed you were eating all the things?


This store was clearly running a special on painfully cute.

Race ya!

Watch us for awhile and tickets to Zealander 2 will be entirely unnecessary.


All image source: Prairie Dog Pack/Instagram