It seems like you can’t turn around these days and not hear about some celebrity adopting a plant-based diet in order to lose weight and protect their health, but when that celebrity has made a name for themselves by shoving copious amounts of food in their face, it seems pretty noteworthy.

“You guys, shhhh. If I listen carefully I can actually hear the arteriosclerosis happening.”

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Adam Richman of “Man vs. Food,” a show in which Richman went from restaurant to restaurant in order to win such coveted food prizes as t-shirts, polaroids on the wall, and “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing!” mugs, hasn’t really been known to refuse any type of edible offering. We once watched the man force down a meal so spicy that his beet-red complexion and alarming amounts of sweat actually had us concerned.

This is the face of a person that has begun seriously questioning their life choices

But now, in order to maintain a recent 70-pound weight loss and train for an upcoming celebrity soccer match, Richman is pushing away from the table when it comes to animal products of any kind.

“I’ve been vegan for the past three months or so, because I’m in training for football right now,” Richman told Hello! Magazine via “And for Soccer Aid I went 100 percent vegan.”


Make no mistake, Richman hasn’t decided to go vegan full-time, but instead he’s embracing a path endorsed by the likes of Meatless Mondays as well as the American Institute for Cancer Research and the American Heart Association to drastically reduce the amounts of animal products he consumes. Richman’s diet parallels programs like Vegan Before 6.  While it’s not an outright rejections of all things animal-based, this diet is recommended by even outspoken vegans like Alicia Silverstone who says you can be a vegan “flirt.” This sort of thinking can help people eliminate animal foods in a low-pressure way with a focus on “minimizing” and not “perfection” to help force foods like meat and dairy off the plate in a “slow and steady wins the race” kind of way.

You’ll feel so good about your new health you might even put on a soccer ball and pose for Cosmo…or not. Your choice.


The fact of the matter is, a guy like Richman can have major influence on the “manly man” types that watch his show and have admired his ability to fold a 30-inch pizza in half – like a taco – in order to take it down faster as he chases it with a milkshake. If this guy realizes that the path to health is paved with plants, what’s stopping anyone from trying it?

Reducing our consumption of animal products is considered the key to staving off, and even possibly reversing, climate change as well as reversing global health crises such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity and several cancers. It also helps animals, with the potential for 1.4 billion animals being saved if every American went meatless just once per week.


“I don’t feel like I’m living a restrictive life,” Richman says of his approach “I’m not on like a paleo diet. I eat healthily, I budget calorically, I stay active, I live a full life. … If you take steps to stave off the potentially adverse effects of what you’re eating, you can have your cake and eat it too.”

And who knows, maybe Richman will love how he feels after eating hearty plant fare so much that he might just choose to keep it up for good after awhile. He is a competitive guy after all, there’s no bigger game to win than the happy, healthy life game.


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Lead image source: ABC 7