If you came across a lost dog in the street, you’d do everything in your power to find the little guy a home, right? Maybe after spending a day or two with the pup, you’d start to contemplate the idea of adopting them yourself … and then you eventually fall head-over-heels in love them and settle on making them your new forever friend.

It’s a classic stray dog turned new BFF plot line that we’ve seen many times. But what if you found a stray piglet in the road?

Many people might not stop to do anything to help out the little pig, thinking that he’s just an escaped farm animal and will end up as bacon one day anyway. It might sound harsh, but it’s true. Luckily, the man in this advertisement who found a lost pig didn’t take that route.

Instead, he takes it upon himself to do just what anyone else would do for a stray dog or cat. He looks to return the piggy to his home, then comes to the realization that the pig is better off in his own care.

In many ways, pigs aren’t that different from dogs and they need our love and care just as much as our companion animals.

So Green Monsters, what would you do if you found a lost piglet in the road?