As animal lovers, even thinking about how someone could be brought to abuse a dog completely baffles us. Our dogs are more than just friends and companions, they’re family members. Sadly, not everyone agrees with this and animal abuse occurs far more often than we like to think.

Kimber and Rocky are two dogs who had the misfortune of belonging to cruel humans. Kimber survived being abused, beaten, starved, and ever shot in the head. While little is known about what life was like before Rocky were rescued, his scars and protruding bones spoke volumes. Thankfully, both of these pups were lucky enough to be rescued with the help of Flying Fur Animal Rescue and Rescue Dog’s Rock NYC, a Morristown, New Jersey-based animal shelter. Volunteers from all over North Carolina and New Jersey rallied together to provide a safe voyage for Kimber and Rocky from Rocky Mount-Wilson Regional Airport in North Carolina up north to Jersey.


The experienced pilots from Flying Fur Animal Rescue who help fly rescued dogs to their new forever homes have seen quite a lot in their time dealing with abused pups, but they could have never been prepared for flying Kimber and Rocky.

Before the flight even took off in North Carolina, the pilot described their feelings, “As we neared the aircraft, I sat on the tarmac to capture a few photos of my pawsengers before we loaded; I wanted everyone in the world to see, to know, just how completely shitty ‘humans’ had treated them.”

Just at that moment, sweet Kimber dropped her head to their lap. “Despite being beaten, shot, and left to die, she nuzzled up against me. Broken down, yet willing to love and trust again, and I had done absolutely nothing to earn it,” the pilot shared.

Once the dogs were safely loaded into the aircraft, Kimber’s affectionate side showed itself again. While the pilots typically have the dogs sit behind them, Kimber wanted to sit up with her new friend – and they willingly obliged. 

After two and a half hours, Kimber and Rocky finally touched down in their new home. Kimber has been moved to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC’s Emergency and Specialty Hospital in Brooklyn.

Rocky was also taken to the ER for care. This poor sweetie is emaciated, has mange, raw open ulcers, painful swollen paws and he’s heartworm positive. Luckily, these vets are determined to get him back in tip-top shape.





Both Rocky and Kimber have a long road ahead of them, but they wouldn’t have even gotten this chance if not for the amazing rescuers who helped them. No matter how horrible dogs are treated, they always make an effort to say thank you to kind people who help them. We can all stand to learn a lesson in gratitude and compassion from this sweet story.

To help Rescue Dogs Rock NYC care for Rocky and Kimber, consider making a donation here. We can only hope for more positive news from these two with time.

All image source: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC/Flying Fur Animal Rescue