If you’ve ever adopted a four-legged companion, then you already know how easy it is to love your pet like they are your very own human child. We shower them with kisses, treats, and hundreds of toys. And in return, animals provide us with unconditional love that can’t be matched. Sadly, not everyone sees animals this way.

A compassionate citizen found Ellen-Rae, a tiny kitten who was abandoned on the streets in Walton, Merseyside. The kitten was brought immediately to Rescue Me Animal Sanctuary. Ellen-Rae was mistreated so badly that she was found with no eyes and polyps in her ears that could leave her deaf, as well as various infections. Because of the infections, the vet had to glue her eyelids shut.


“At first the vets thought she may have been born with no eyes or lost them to natural causes, but over the last couple of days we’re leaning more towards the probability that she’s been abused,” said Steph Taylor of the Rescue Me Animal Sanctuary who is currently taking care of Ellen-Rae.

“Despite her ordeal, she is the sweetest, most trusting little angel you could ever meet.” Steph Taylor, a Rescue Me Animal Sanctuary trustee says about Ellen-Rae


Ellen-Rae’s name is a combination of the name of the nurse called Rae who treated her and the charity that is fundraising to cover her medical bills. 


Despite being abused, Ellen-Rae is still as sweet as ever and loves playing with her rescuers. 





With the various problems to Ellen-Rae’s eyes, ears and the infections, her fate is unknown and her quality of life could potentially be poor but the veterinary staff is doing everything they can to save this adorable kitten. If we know one thing about animals, however, it’s that they are incredibly resilient in the face of adversity. We’ve seen dogs with three legs lead active lives, and blind and deaf animals overcome all odds. If we learn one thing from little Ellen-Rae, it’s that a little bit of compassion goes a long way – and we’re sure this kitty’s energetic personality and cuddles will prove to be a huge thank you for her rescuers.

To learn more about Rescue Me Animal Sanctuary, click here. And if you’d like to get involved in helping abused or abandoned animals in your area, click here. And please never shop for kittens, always adopt!

All image source: Mercury