Hearing stories about the enormous lengths that people will go to abuse animals  can be a dumbfounding experience for people who consider themselves animal lovers. The story of Kingsley the Schnauzer sadly falls under this category.

For years, Kingsley’s caretakers starved, abused and beat the small dog. After enduring a lifetime of this cruelty, Kingsley was found tied to a tree in the middle of the countryside. His fur was so matted that his rescuers could barely discern his breed.


Kingsley looked more like a used mop than a dog, but his fate was about to change for the better.

 His rescuers discovered a number of wounds on Kingsley’s skin that had been hidden by his matted fur. It was clear that his poor dog had endured an enormous amount of cruelty in his lifetime.

Under all of that fur was a tiny 15-pound Schnauzer who was extremely uneasy around people.

That is, until Kingsley met his new forever family!

The first month in a new home was a little difficult for Kingsley. He had to be potty trained and learn to trust the people around him. 

Slowly but surely, he started to get the hang of things and his goofy personality started to show.

Kingsley learned the wonders of snuggle time and developed an affinity for fresh vegetables.

Kingsley’s mom wrote on Imgur, “He’s come such a long way, and it’s been a battle sometimes. But when he’s snuggled in my lap and gently gives my hand or face a kiss, I know how grateful he is and how it’s all worth it.”

Enjoy your happy ending, Kingsley!

All image source: Imgur