The Arrow Fund has an amazing update on a beautiful little dog, and we are so excited to see him on the mend!

Last year we learned about Hemingway, a puppy brought into a shelter in a lifeless, lethargic condition by owners who had no idea what to do with him and decided to surrender him when he most needed help. He was due to be euthanized because he was so unwell and it would cost so much to treat him.


The Arrow Fund, being the wonderful people that they are, stepped in to literally save Hemingway’s life despite already being stretched to capacity. Even knowing Hemingway might not make it because of the awful Parvo he was suffering from, they couldn’t bear to abandon him.

And look what all that loving care and attention, along with vital medical treatment, has done for this beautiful dog!

Hemingway is recovering well. He is still being monitored carefully because of his Parvo and not yet ready for adoption, but look what a difference all that care has made! He’s made himself quite at home with his foster family and is thriving!


Hemingway insists on cleanliness, jumping in the shower in his foster home whenever he can! Or maybe it is more the case that he is truly an affectionate little boy that follows his foster mom literally everywhere, not wanting to leave her side.

Here, he is assuming the position for one of his most favorite things; a good belly rub!


Hemingway has gotten pretty good at letting his foster mom know when he wants to go outside.

And he even likes to instigate a little game of tug with his leash! Hemingway, we couldn’t be more proud of you! Keep getting better; we can’t wait to see pictures of you in your forever home soon!

It’s not often we get to see such happy stories, as we are more used to hearing about tales of suffering and neglect. And though we are sad that Hemingway was abandoned when he most needed help, seeing this beautiful little boy recover truly touches our hearts.

The Arrow Fund rescues and rehabilitates some of the most severe cases of abuse and neglect, fighting hard for animals who can’t help themselves. If you are interested in following Hemingway’s story, want to know more about the vital work the Arrow Fund does, or are in a position to donate, please visit their Facebook page.

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Image Source: The Arrow Fund