Veterinary workers and animal clinicians have a lot to contend with. They spend day in and day out saving animal lives, finding homes for strays, and doing a whole myriad of other tasks that often go without recognition from other people. All of their effort is still worth it though, as other professions don’t have the privilege of meeting cuties like this cat very day!

Meet Navi. She was left outside of a clinic when she was just a baby. Luckily, the people working inside decided to care for her in their own home!

She was really small (just look at her paw)! But her insatiable appetite was definitely a good sign that she was going to grow up healthy.

Navi’s foster family wasn’t entirely made up of hoomans. She also had a kitty foster mom who treated her like one of her own!

This is Navi the first time she met one of her fur-parents. Don’t they look happy?

Navi was – and still is – a cuddly baby who loves to be held. Her guardians say that she’ll sit on the floor and whine until you pick her up.

After a few weeks of settling in, she was feeling good and looking a bit bigger!

All is right in the world with Navi as long as she has a fun cat toy.

Look how photogenic she is! She’s come a long way from where she started!

How do you know when a cat is comfortable? When they start stealing their sister’s beds. LOL!

We wouldn’t be surprised if cats knew we were taking their pictures and posed sometimes.

Can you believe the progress she’s made?

Cats will sit wherever they fit and Navi is no exception.

We have no idea how that could be comfortable, but if she’s happy, we’re happy. 

There’s no better way to show that you love your animal friend than getting them a cozy sweater.




Despite the perks, being an animal vet or clinician is still hard work. So the next time you take your furry friend in for a checkup or see someone in a smock at your local animal shelter, be sure to give them a handshake and a thank you for the work they do. They make happy endings like Navi’s happen every day!

All image source: leov91/Imgur