Life as a shelter worker involves seeing a lot of abandoned animals. Sometimes guardians can no longer financially care for their pets. Other times guardians simply did not know what they were getting into when they welcomed a companion animal into their home. Whatever reason people have for leaving their animals, shelters workers are the ones who have to deal with the situation and try to make the best of the circumstances for the sake of the animal. This could mean cuddling with lonely animals, creating a safe and comfortable space in the shelter for dogs to feel at home, or simply being present and reminding the animals that they are not alone.

When Silky, the hamster, was dropped off at Oregon Humane Society in Portland, the staff was taken aback by the animal’s appearance and quickly understood where this adorable creature got her name.

Meet Silky. The hairless hamster who has stolen the hearts of the staff at Oregon Humane Society. 

While Silky is naturally hairless, staffers quickly noticed that the cutie seemed cold in her cage since she was huddling and curling up in the corner. 

Since Silky doesn’t have a forever home yet, one of the staffers decided to crochet her a sweater to keep her warm while she waits. 

If this isn’t the cutest thing you’ve seen all year, we don’t know what is! 

Silky may not look like your typical hamster but she deserves just as much care and love. Staffers at Oregon Humane Society say that Silky is just as rambunctious and playful as any other animal they’ve seen. We believe it! 



Since Silky is hairless she has trouble retaining heat so whichever family she ends up with must make sure that this little one is kept in a heated environment. While many people easily fall into the mindset that welcoming a companion animal is all about finding the youngest, cutest, most problem-free animal, we hope that someone is willing to see past superficial criteria and welcome this adorable lovebug into their lives. Good luck, Silky!

All image source: The Oregon Humane Society