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5 Things Animal Rights Supporters Need to Stop Doing NOW

5 Things Animal Rights Supporters Need to STOP Doing NOW


Like, really. We’ve never met anyone who saved animals or quit eating meat because they saw a naked lady (or dude)…and lettuce bikinis (or briefs) do not increase lettuce consumption. Trust us… we’ve done the research. Attention grabbing stunts for a cause is great, but this particular tactic (which is also pretty sexist) is way past its prime now. Put some clothes on, puh lease! Try grabbing people’s attention with vegan food porn instead.


Yes, videos of gruesome animal cruelty help people learn about what really happens at animal “factories” but also leads them to believe that animal farms where employees are not psychotic animal abusers are somehow what we should aspire for. Aim higher! Animals obviously don’t turn into someone’s dinner without dying unpleasant deaths. Talk about the facts instead and about how amazing animals are.


Eating a plant-based diet is undoubtedly better for your health and may result in weight-loss, glowing skin, silky hair, six-pack abs and other superpowers. But let’s not pretend that eating vegan is somehow going to turn the entire human population into skinny supermodels…or that we should all aspire to be skinny supermodels. Body size and compassion have no correlation, people!


You may be the king or queen of the cruelty-free, animal-loving, vegan kingdom and be the most compassionate person in the world, but let’s not assume that anyone who hasn’t reached your grand heights of animal-free living is somehow not a moral person or is a sadistic murderer. You rarely charm people by rolling your eyes at them or telling them how cruel they are because they decided to eat a turkey sandwich for lunch. Our focus group studies have confirmed this! Be nice.


Between veg fests, potlucks, celebrity galas, juice fasts and cruelty-free shopping sprees, it’s easy to forget that this is not about us, but actually about the animals who are getting screwed by the minute across the world. Don’t lose sight of whose rights you’re fighting for, y’know?

Oh, and don’t forget. DON’T stop trying to bring about change in the world and learn to have a laugh while you’re doing it!

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7 comments on “5 Things Animal Rights Supporters Need to Stop Doing NOW”

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4 Years Ago

I'm not a vegan, but don't have anything against anyone being a vegan. I'd just like to hear their proposal about what they think we should do with all the cows, pigs, chickens, and sheep in the world. I'm assuming they have a giant fund to buy all these animals from the farmers that now own them and enough money to feed them all (the animals) until they die of natural causes. Gotta think ahead : ).

4 Years Ago

Great article! Definitely are the things to take note to effectively advocate for animals! :)

4 Years Ago

This is such a great list, and I agree with everything on it! My favorite part, though, is the thing about the fat-shaming. I'm obese, and I've been a vegan for about six months. I've lost 20 pounds in that time, but I'm still way over a supposed healthy weight. As such, I've felt slightly uneasy when reading a bunch of vegan posts. I completely agree that eating vegan foods is healthier (well, assuming you eat whole foods, which I try to do), but there's so much more to being fat than just what you eat. It feels like there's this battle between skinny vegans and fat omnivores, and both sides seem to hate the other and blame them for everything. I wish more people would realize that you can be fat AND a vegan, that it doesn't have to be us versus them.

4 Years Ago

I wrote PETA several times to make a point that their ads with naked women are very offensive, sexist, and unnecessary. I kept getting their boilerplate responses saying that they need to do it for attention, and that they had naked men, too. Well, hardly, and the men were not in the ridiculous and insulting poses that the women were. PETA does some really important things, but they need to get their act clearer. Oh, and don't patronize your supporters and potential supporters.

5 Years Ago

Great post! I've long been uncomfortable with the sexism, gruesome images, fat shaming, and vegan police attitude inherent in much of what is considered animal rights activism. In one instance, another girl and I had to change the subject because another vegan kept saying, "anything that converts more people to veganism is okay" when we said we were uncomfortable with PETA's sexism. Similarly, even as a long time vegetarian and now a vegan, I can't stomach gruesome images of animal cruelty, so I've never been able to see how those who eat meat could for long enough to convince them to go vegan. And personally, I've come to a point in my life (for a long time really) where I realize that it's important to live with compassion for everyone, whether they're vegan, vegetarian, or omnivore. Rolling your eyes at someone will never get them to consider your point of view - just make them defensive - and beyond that I think it's important for people to find their way to vegetarianism or veganism on their own since they'll never keep it up otherwise. One thing that I will say though is that as for fat shaming, it goes both ways. I'm vegan, but I'm not the stereotypical stick figure that many people - veg, vegan, and omnivore alike - imagine when they think of a vegan. While animal rights supporters may use fat shaming, I've found that my average sized body is remarked upon by omnivores who assume that I must eat too much pasta since my body size doesn't compute with their idea of a vegan. How do we get that message out their to the world?

5 Years Ago

Thank you for giving this solid and sensible advice!

5 Years Ago

Amen! Many could learn from point 4, especially.

5 Years Ago

Great post - and bery grounding. Thanks!


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