My car is seven years old. “She” has been everywhere with me. When I first bought her, I washed her every week. Hand wax, tooth-brush on the wheels. She had a maintenance plan for the first few years and I never missed a checkup. If anything was wrong, I rushed her in to the dealership.

As with anything new, she began to show her miles. Little things here and there. Little dings that never get fixed, the rattles that I never heard before. On a long drive this summer, she decided not to blow cold air anymore. Just like that, on a 96 degree day in Florida.


She whines too. I replaced her brake pads but not the rotors, another half ass attempt at healing her. Her doctor performed a rather routine out-patient procedure, grinding down her existing parts to fit the new ones.

The glass on the headlights gives her a cataracts type look and no matter how much I wash her, she doesn’t gleam anymore. When I start her up, her computer is a little slow, sometimes takes a few minutes to get her awake and ready for the tasks at hand.

I feel sorry for her. She has been a great car and internally I know she still packs a punch. Last year I bought an extended warranty for her; a health insurance policy to prepare me financially for any unexpected problems. She had a few. emission issues, carbon buildup from running on dirty gas for all those years… I thought 93 unleaded was the best I could get? Essentially her plumbing is slowly clogging up and although her heart is strong, someday it won’t be quite enough.

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel fading for her.


And then guess what? I decided that she needs to run longer and that she is too young to be put away. 70,000 miles, that is like 40-50 years old. So, we brought her in for some work. New fluids, new filters and a comprehensive cleaning inside and out. I looked into the cataracts and it’s an easy fix. I topped off her freon and she is blowing arctic air out of her lungs.

In fact, she feels faster than ever.

Same goes for us. It is the same feeling you get when you clean off your desk at work or clean that garage once a year. When you sit back from mowing the lawn and have a sense of pride at the finished product. The automobile metaphor is a great one to remember.

The actual process of cleaning or fixing your issues enables you. It is pure power. Sure, my car is benefitting from the physical improvements but the real power is in my perception those changes are having on her performance.


Your car feels better because you believe it made a difference.

A great way to start a major change in your life is to go for the deep cleanse. Empty out the refrigerator, throw out the temptations. Start by flushing the plumbing. When I clean a room, I empty the entire room and then put it back together.


I am a big fan of juice cleanses. It gives the body a chance to start over and empty out everything that is sitting in dark corners of your digestive system. A 3-4 day juice cleanse can be enormously powerful as you take head on the urge to eat. It is simply your brain controlling your nutrition not your body. A cleanse fixes that.  (Great movie on Green Juice cleanse, by Joe Cross.

Your body & mind will run smooth and clean when you take time on the fuel you are running. Find the perfect mix and you are well on your way for 200,000 miles.

Image Source: Wild Tofu/Flickr