A fourth-grader from Florida is challenging President Trump to go vegan. Evan LeFevre, a vegan and animal rights activist, told the New York Post he would donate $1 million to veterans in exchange for the President’s diet change.

Evan is a vegan and animal rights activist. He plastered the challenge on December 1st across Youtube, billboards, tv and print media. Known on Instagram as VeganEvan, Evan is the President of Animal Hero Kids. He went vegan at age 5.


Evan told the New York Post, He’s the president of our country, and pretty much everyone wants a healthy president. I think that Trump really cares about our veterans [because] they’re the ones who fought and continue to fight for our country. If people saw him do this, then everyone would hear about it and say, ‘If President Trump did it, maybe I can do it?”

Watch Evan’s offer:

The group fronting the money is the same organization that asked Pope Francis to start a plant-based diet for Lent in 2019. The organization, Million Dollar Vegan, is a vegan advocacy group. Military veterans including Ronnie Penn and Marc Holley have adopted a vegan diet and say it has benefitted their wellbeing.

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