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If you suffer from stress or anxiety, or just want your mind to feel more focused, you might want to try out this quick and easy hack. Bboxxie on TikTok claims that this is a fast way to reduce these unwanted feelings, and it’s based on science. The exercise is called five-finger breathing and is a practice that combines deep breathing and focusing on your senses.

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You’ll start by breathing in while tracing your index finger up to the tip of your pinky and breathing out while you trace back down. Then you’ll move on to your ring finger. Breathe in while moving up and breathe out while moving back down. Continue this breathing pattern until you’re finished tracing your entire hand.

This technique works so well because it forces your brain to focus on both breathing and your senses simultaneously. The idea is to preoccupy your thoughts with extreme focus in hopes that you might forget what you were worrying about. Not only does this help regulate your emotions, but it is a great way to practice mindfulness. The great thing about this hack is that you can do it anywhere at any time. Try out this hack if you’re suddenly feeling stressed or anxious when you’re out and about, and see just how calm you start to feel!

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