Dementia is currently afflicting over 50 million people worldwide, compelling researchers to find a cure. Right now, Chinese scientists, borrowing three common ingredients found in traditional Chinese medicine for over 3,000 years, are attempting to create a formula for stopping dementia using pharmaceutical technology. These ingredients contain a blend of ginkgo biloba, ginseng, and saffron extracts which have been used to regulate the flow of energy in the past. If these experimental ingredients are successful, they could become the first approved medicine to treat and cure vascular causes of dementia, also known as Alzheimer’s disease.

Zhang Huajian, director of clinical research at China Shineway Pharmaceutical Group, says, “If we are successful at treating vascular dementia, it will be a good example of how other traditional Chinese medicines could potentially be developed.”


These ingredients are believed to have powerful neurological capabilities. Ginkgo biloba has long been taken in traditional Chinese medicine to improve neurocognition, while ginseng, known also as the wonder herb, can boost your memory and response time. Saffron, additionally, has had quite a reputation for being an anti-depressant and aiding with circulation of the blood. Scientists hope, that when all three ingredients are used together, it will improve blood flow and perfusion in the brain, lower inflammation, and increase the rate of communication between brain cells in patients with dementia. The main objective is to increase brain function by improving the framework that links healthy cells to improve behavior and memory for those afflicted with Alzheimer’s.

Dennis Chang, responsible for the final phase of the study, says, “We never say we will try to find a cure, but that there will be a significant slowdown of disease progression–that’s the hope.”

Looking to boost cognition with traditional Chinese herbs?

Incorporating these herbs into your diet can help to boost memory and cognition! Take care of your brain with these recipes from our Food Monster App!

Chinese Gingko Nut Barley and Tofu Dessert

Image Source: Chinese Ginkgo Nut Barley and Tofu Dessert


This ginkgo and tofu dessert by Korie Kha is a dessert that symbolizes health and wellness. It also is delicious and simple to make with a sweet, comforting broth!

Healing Turmeric Smoothie

Image Source: Healing Turmeric Smoothie

This turmeric smoothie by Marquis Matson features ginseng powder to help elevate its nutritional, healing value!

Saffron, Corn, and Bell Pepper Soup

Image Source: Saffron, Corn, and Bell Pepper Soup


This saffron, corn, and bell pepper soup by Tina Dawson is infused with a rich and complex flavor from the saffron and delivers a nutritional kick at the same time!

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Lead Image Source: Gary Stevens/Flickr