Michael Che and Kyle Rooney took on Dean Foods’ bankruptcy filing on the November 16 episode of Saturday Night Live. On the “Weekend Update” sketch, Kyle Mooney played Dean Foods’ milk distribution president Scooter Rineholdt to Michael Che’s Weekend Update host.

The topic? The bankruptcy heard around the dairy industry. In the sketch, Rineholdt tells Che: “There’s nothing wrong with drinking cow’s milk, okay?” Rineholdt brings two large glasses of milk to the segment and Che visibly turns up his nose.


When Che asks if the milk industry has tried added healthier options, Rineholdt replies with a, “No Doy, Che. We use skim, nonfat, little fat and even one with no lactose.” Mooney does a perfect imitation of the dairy industry’s tone deafness to changing tastes and changing needs.

I think Che speaks for all of us when he tells Rineholdt, “There are some pretty good-tasting and healthy alternative options though.” Che continues after Rineholdt tries to get him to read some fake news about dairy, “Maybe you just need to accept that times are changing, okay?”

Times are definitely changing. Dean Foods filed for bankruptcy the week of the Saturday Night Live sketch. Milk consumption is down across the nation and alternative milks are becoming increasingly popular.

Watch the full sketch below


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