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Kim Kardashian West shares a lot about her life. The latest? Her plant-based diet. Kardashian West suffers from psoriasis, a skin condition that makes skin flaky and itchy. She recently shared that one of her treatment options is a plant-based diet.

Writing for her sister Kourtney’s lifestyle website, Poosh, Kardashian West shared her autoimmune disease journey. After receiving a diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis, she tried a plant-based diet. She drinks celery juice and sea moss smoothies as part of this regimen.

Writing about her journey, Kardashian West shared, “I live a healthy life and try to eat as plant based as possible and drink sea moss smoothies. With all the stress in life, I try to make sure I take time for myself so that I am centered and keep my stress to a minimum. I hope my story can help anyone else with an autoimmune disease feel confident that there is light at the end of the tunnel.”

According to research by Women’s Health, a sea moss smoothie contains potassium chloride, omega-3 fatty acids, and chlorophyll. Nutritionist Beth Warren said sea moss requires more evidence based testing to understand health effects. As for celery juice? Nutritionists say since celery is healthy, its juice is healthy. It also contains antioxidants and is anti-inflammatory, probably why Kardashian West uses it for psoriasis.

If you’re dealing with psoriasis, eating a plant-based diet is shown to be helpful. Because psoriasis is an autoimmune disease, the immune system overreacts, causing inflammation. Adding anti-inflammatory agents to the body, like food, may help with the inflammatory body response. Eating a plant-based diet is shown to reduce symptoms.

Food groups that aggravate psoriasis include red meat and dairy, gluten, alcohol, processed foods, and nightshades. Food groups found to be helpful to psoriasis include vegetables, fruits, spices, herbs, and healthy oils.

As always, talk to your doctor before adjusting your diet. One Green Planet is a great source for plant-based recipes and research. For more information on managing psoriasis and plant-based eating, check out these articles:

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