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The conditions under which tea workers, mostly women, in Sri Lanka work under have been a human rights concern for many years. But during a pandemic, these workers are expected to continue to work long hours under the sun with little to no protection and still under the same conditions. Works on tea farms and plantations in Sri Lanka still have to go to work and it’s nearly impossible for them to follow social distancing guidelines, which are in place in the country.

The workers live in overcrowded small rooms and toilets are often communal. Many of the workers have had to make or buy fabric masks to protect themselves. Farms that provide the workers with masks are docking the cost of the mask from their pay, which is outrageous especially considering the fact that in many cases, they make less than 10 cents per day.

These are already terrible living and working conditions for humans even without a deadly virus going around, but with a deadly pandemic sweeping the world, they are at risk. It’s exactly the kind of environment where a virus can spread like wildlife. Unfortunately, the Sri Lankan government is allowing police to arrest people who are critical of the government, so people who are neglected or suffering are threatened with arrest if they try to speak up.

To use your voice to stand up for them, sign this petition urging the Sri Lankan government to protect these workers before it’s too late!

Sign these other petitions as well to speak up for those in more need than others during this pandemic:

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