Healthcare professionals are the heroes saving lives and treating the sick during the coronavirus pandemic. They bravely fight on the frontlines of this pandemic in exhausting long workdays where they come face to face with the dangerous virus killing thousands. They should not be taken advantage of or thrown to the wolves just because of their profession. But that is exactly what Kansas-based staffing agency, Krucial Staffing did.

Nurses are suing the agency for misleading them about the conditions in which they would be working when assigned to coronavirus hotspots. As this petition explains: “the firm made promises of up to $13,000 a week, guaranteed personal protective equipment (PPE), and asked the nurses for their areas of expertise (none of the nurses had ICU experience).”


When the nurses arrived in New York City, some were not given protection, some were placed in departments in which they had zero experience, and others were recruited for places where there actually wasn’t any need only to be inappropriately reassigned.

Understandably, the nurses are suing in a lawsuit that “seeks $500,000 in damages and accuses Krucial Staffing of breach of contract and violating labor laws.” Many traveling nurses developed symptoms and some sadly had to quit their jobs.

Sign this petition demanding that Krucial Staffing compensate the nurses for the danger they were placed in and ensuring that something like this never happens again.

Please sign these other petitions to speak up for other issues like this during this time:


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