Thousands of products sold in grocery stores across the country contain Titanium dioxide, which is used for food coloring (E171) and to make food more visually appealing. From Skittles to Starburst to Hostess’ Donettes, and staple household products, cosmetics, paints, and medicines.- titanium dioxide is an extremely common additive here in the U.S. Millions of Americans are unknowingly consuming it each day not knowing how harmful it is to their health.

This additive is a synthetic food colorant that is used to make paints and consumer products bright white. It’s also being used to opacify sugar-coated candy. Consumers deserve to know what ingredients are going into their food and household products and should feel safe when making purchases at local grocery stores. The last thing a parent should have to think about when doing their grocery shopping is if they will inadvertently be subjecting their child to inflammatory bowel disease through the purchase of a small candy at the checkout counter.

Source: Safe Food Advocacy Europe SAFE/Youtube

According to EFSA experts, titanium dioxide cannot be considered safe when used as a food additive, meaning that an Acceptable Daily Intake (ADI) cannot be established for E171. It should be avoided due to uncertainties about possible inflammation and neurotoxicity. There is no reason that an additive that has been banned in the European Union should be legal here in the U.S. People need food to survive, and this food should be safe to eat! Sign this petition to demand the FDA ban the use of titanium dioxide as a food additive!

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