No one could have prepared for the coronavirus pandemic and the way it would affect the entire world. However, there are still better ways to react and respond to the crisis. There is no reason that healthcare workers should be asked to put their lives on the line without the proper help and supplies needed. Yet, there aren’t enough masks, gowns, or ventilators. The lack of masks and gowns put healthcare workers’ health and lives at risk, and the need for ventilators puts them in a difficult position that can lead to unethical decisions.

A coalition of healthcare workers in Illinois is asking for ethical guidelines so that when the limited amount of ventilators need to be allocated to patients, there is no discrimination. As they say: “all patients—regardless of race, gender, socioeconomic status, disabilities, or immigration status—should have fair access to ventilators!”


As of March 31st, Illinois has only received 10 percent of the ventilators, PPE, and other medical equipment requested from the government. This means the possibility of doctors having to decide who receives health care is looming over them. It’s not a matter of if, but when.

The coalition explains it best: “Healthcare providers are already at increased risk given the shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE). We can’t expect them to also have the task of making life and death decisions with no ethical guidelines. Illinois must provide clear and comprehensive regulations for the allocation of ventilators so that doctors can be relieved of this burden, allowing them to make efficient, life-saving decisions during this crisis.”

Sign this petition to support them and demand the ethical guidelines.

Sign these other petitions related to the coronavirus crisis:


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