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Eric Adams, New York’s progressive and plant-loving mayor, has been promoting nutrition since even before he was elected and continues to introduce new measures to the city.

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Mayor Adams, dubbed the ‘vegan mayor,’ has preached the benefits of plant-based diets. Before he was elected, he promised to promote all things plant-based, and he has continued to keep his promise to NYC. The mayor has even announced that city public schools will serve vegan meals one day of the week. NYC’s public school system is the largest in the country, so this was a massive accomplishment.

The mayor has made other remarkable progress towards a plant-based city and is currently revising standards for all food purchased and served by the city. He is also expanding plant-based meals to city-run institutions such as jails and shelters. Along with that, he is offering financial incentives to neighborhood grocery stores in an attempt to stock the shelves with healthy food and promote healthy eating.

The list goes on of what Adams has done for NYC. The city is matching money that New Yorkers spend on fruit and vegetables through the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as food stamps. He also calls for more urban agriculture, including rooftop gardens and hydroponic systems. Adams is even considering a sales tax on soda, which former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg was unable to enact.

No NYC mayor since Bloomberg, who successfully barred restaurants from using most trans fat in 2006, has been so driven to change the food system and focus on nutrition and healthy living. It’s a refreshing change for most New Yorkers.

The mayor has always been very vocal about his own plant-based health journey and talked about it extensively in his book, Healthy At Last. Adams has struggled with Type 2 diabetes and has preached about how a plant-based diet has saved his health.

“There is no better way to strengthen your immune system than the right food,” Adams said in a recent interview.

Source: Forks Over Knives/YouTube

Although most New Yorkers support what the mayor is working towards, like most things, there is opposition. Many are aggravated that the mayor is so focused on healthy eating. Recently, Adams hinted that he might consider banning chocolate milk in schools because of the extremely high sugar content. This caused an uproar amongst dairy farmers and various state congressional members who said flavored milk is essential for schoolchildren. We obviously know that this is not true, and dairy does more harm to our bodies than it does good, but we need to focus on educating the public.

There will always be people who don’t understand just how important it is for health and the environment to eat plant-based. Adams is trying hard to advocate by telling his own story and educating people about the proven facts about this diet.

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