Among the questions typically asked when we talk about eating a vegan diet is the old ‘how do you do it?’  My answer usually involves an emphasis on learning how to cook, but what about if we want to go out to eat?

It is easy to get yourself down when thinking about how we live in a culinary world dominated by animal products, but it is actually surprisingly easy to get a good, vegan meal when going out with friends to any establishment.  I know you have your go-to spots like that little place where you get a falafel wrap or even one of the many new vegan places springing up in every city (see here and here) but look at some options below so you don’t feel too left out when going out with omnivorous company.  By the way, you should totally make deals with them to try your favorite vegan place.


For all of these, just follow one simple rule: ask nicely which vegan options they have.

Subs/Hoagies/Sandwiches/HerosBBQ Pulled Veggie Sandwiches [Vegan]

Almost every one of these places has several veggies you can throw on your choice of bread.  I’m not picky so I usually get almost all of them.  Treat yourself to avocado, mushrooms, peppers, onions, olives, greens, sprouts, hummus, and sometimes broccoli.  Hook it up with some olive oil, vinegar, and spices and boom you have some healthy comfort food.

Greek Style Oven Fries 1

Barbeque joints are a tough sell to vegan eaters, but it is possible to snag a plant-based meal.  Grab some side dishes like grilled asparagus and corn, steamed broccoli or whatever veggies they are serving, baked sweet potatoes, dinner rolls, or even steak fries.  Make sure to request that butter is withheld and ask if they can cook or prepare these on an untainted surface.


Minetrone and tons of bread with pesto and olive oil are a must!  Just make sure that the minestrone was prepared with veggie as opposed to beef broth.  Check out the pasta primavera if they offer noodles made without eggs and if there is a red sauce made without meat and cheese.



I am proud to say that many pizza places are starting to offer vegan pies by using non-dairy cheese.  Do a little research in your area if you ever need a late night pizza binge.  If you can’t find a convenient vegan pie, make sure to request that they use no cheese.  Load it up with extra sauce and veggies.  Yes, please.

Breakfast and Brunch

Fruit, bagels, toast, oatmeal, and granola are easy choices.  Just make sure that the oatmeal is made with water or non-dairy milk and that the toast is unbuttered.



Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, and Thai restaurants are everywhere and these are the easiest choices to satisfy everyone in your party.  Stir fries, pho, sushi, curries, soups, rice and more are or can be made vegan.  Just make sure to ask if meat is used to flavor broths or sauces and that these dishes are prepared on surfaces untainted by animal products.

Baked Falafel With Fresh Herbs and Yogurt Tahini Sauce

Hummus, beans, pita bread, dolmas, baba ghanouh, falafels, veggie kabobs, tabbouleh, rice, and more are featured at these restaurants.  Like above, make sure that these are animal product free and prepared on untainted surfaces.


Mexican, Latin, and Spanish

Flavorful rice and beans in any assortment such as burritos, tacos, enchiladas, tortas, paella, and more can be made vegan easily.


It is super easy to load up on veggies, rice, and lentils here.  Just make sure that the sauces are made with coconut milk instead of dairy.  Or skip the main entrée and go for tons of tasty vegan appetizers.

Ask and you shall receive!

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Lead image source: Raw Vegan Pizza With Red Pepper Flax Crust