Juicing has been all the rage for the past few years, with juicing machines reaching a high in market sales and friends banging on your door to borrow your pride and joy. The trend is apparently here to stay, thankfully. Juicing at home can be one of the healthiest things to add to your daily regimen to boost your immunity and help to keep you full of beneficial nutrients and vitamins from both fruits and vegetables.

Juicing, however, does not mean buying your local market’s supply of boxed juices and guzzling them like an SUV guzzles gasoline. While buying boxed juice is often healthier than grabbing a carbonated soda, it’s still smart to consider partaking in moderation, especially considering the added sugars and preservatives to alter natural taste and shelf life found in these harmless looking packages.


Here, you’ll find how to clean up a juice habit, help cut out some of the unnecessary packaging waster, as well as the sugars, preservatives, and pasteurization processes (if it’s a concern of yours), and also find recipes for making your own juice at home and experimenting with lots of different fruits and vegetables. Happy juicing, Green Monsters!

Dispose of Drink Packaging

Juice that comes in boxed forms, especially to quench the thirst of a multiple person household, can result in quite a bit of cardboard ending up in the recycle bin. Consider making a big batch of juice for the family in the morning and putting it in a washable glass pitcher so less is headed for the trash or, heaven forbid, a landfill. If you’re packing a lunch for the kids or wanting to take some to work, pack it in a bottle you can seal (securely) to take it along for the day! If you’ve got some leftover boxes from your pre-at-home-juicing days lying around, try making a carton wallet with your kids from our Trash to Treasures recycled crafts post to teach them about recycling and cutting down on unnecessary waste!

Learn About Pasteurized Juice 

Pasteurization is the method by which foods are heated to a particular temperature for a particular amount of time to kill or neutralize a target number of potentially harmful bacteria. The FDA sets guidelines for this procedure, which usually includes heating the liquid to between 160-180° F for 0.3-6.0 seconds. While some argue that pasteurization is ideal for juices, others claim there is a loss of vital nutrients from the juice during this process including reduction of vitamin C and certain phytonutrients, especially phenols. If you continue to buy fruit juice by the box, check the labels to see that the juice is made with 100 percent organic fruits or vegetables and that it is unpasteurized to ensure you’re getting all the nutrients you’re paying for.

Find and Make Clean, Organic Orange Juice

If orange juice is your daily starter, like it is mine, consider making your own. Head over to your favorite farmer’s market, grab some of those organic orange-hued beauties, and mix it up at home on your own. You don’t have to have the fanciest blender or juicer on the market. In fact, a cheap hand-held blender will work. Roll the still unpeeled orange on the counter to soften it, peel it, toss the whole thing in, and blend! Voila! Pulpy, delicious orange juice that still holds some of its original texture. The pulpy consistency will often help you feel full longer, since it is a cross between a solid and liquid which will take your body longer to process.


Get Creative and Have Fun

Have you mastered the simple orange juice? Ready to move on to something a bit more daring? You’ve come to the right place. One Green Planet is full of people just as obsessed with juice as you are. Here are a Five Recipes to Help Get You Started With Fruit and Vegetable Juicing. If you’re ready for something a bit more daring, try these Seven Delicious Juice Recipes For A Healthy New Year or start out your morning right with some Cold Press Juice Recipes. Or if you’re like me, a mojito sounds darn near perfect for these upcoming summer days. Give it a whirl (pun intended) and let us know what you think in the comments section below!

Image source: 7 Delicious Juice Recipes