Detox is one word that we see and hear everywhere. It is something we tend to do when we’ve eaten a bit too much at Christmas or had one too many drinks during the weekend. But, why is detoxing so important? Detoxification removes the build-up of toxins in our systems that could be draining our energy, leading to poor digestion, causing allergies, and, potentially leading to life-threatening diseases.

By detoxing our bodies with healthy, plant-based foods, our bodies become more alkaline as opposed to having an acidic pH from unhealthy diet and lifestyle choices. Why alkaline? Well, disease does not exist in an alkaline body. And, by detoxing and achieving an alkaline pH, you will notice that you have more energy, have an improved digestion, and have a clearer complexion.


We don’t have to sign up for hundred dollar juice cleanses to ‘detox.’ We can detox it ourselves by simply cutting out acidic foods from our diet and replacing them with alkalizing plant-based foods. Start by cutting out processed foods, sodas, artificial sweeteners, chips, candy, bread, meat, dairy and, alcohol. Then, we should add a variety of plant-based, nutritious foods into our diets. See these tips for Green Monster ways to detox.

1. Hot Lemon Water


As well as being a refreshing way to start your day, hot lemon water comes with a range of health-boosting benefits. Although lemons have an acidic taste, they are incredibly alkalizing. Why don’t you start detoxing by drinking the juice of one fresh lemon with tepid water. The hot water will stimulate your bowels, pushing out all of the toxins out of your body.

2. CarrotsCurry Spiced Carrots

Eating carrots is a phenomenal way of clearing toxins out of our bloodstreams and neutralizing the acidity in our bodies. Grate a carrot into your salad, throw carrots in to your juices and smoothies, and add roughly chopped carrots into stir fries and salads. Try this Carrot Coconut Salad; you will LOVE the nourishing flavor combinations, or check out this amazing carrot juice recipe.


3. ProbioticsHomemade Coconut Greek Yogurt

Probiotics are essentially good bacteria which boost our digestive health and help detoxify remnants of undigested, unhealthy food, environmental pollutants, and everyday toxins out of the system. Probiotics help break down and remove waste products from the digestive system, which ultimately prevents toxicity from entering the bloodstream. Take them as a supplement or try these 10 Easy Ways to Get Probiotics on a Plant-Based Diet.

4. Burdock Root



As the liver and kidneys work hard to filter out impurities which we ingest, we need to eat a range of foods that provide them with energy and nutrients to aid the cleansing of toxic waste. Burdock root is one of them. In addition to boosting detoxification, burdock root helps protect cells from damaging toxins. Drink burdock root in a tea or take in a daily supplement!

5. Ginger



Ginger is amazing at flushing toxins from the system, especially the liver. If you drank too much, or had a weekend where you may have eaten too much comfort food, then ginger could be your ticket to feeling great. Try grating a knob of fresh ginger and stewing in hot water for 10 minutes, and drink away!

6. Flax Seeds

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 As a brilliant source of fiber, flax seeds support the digestive system by providing insoluble fiber, which expels waste and toxins out through the digestion system. Sprinkle flax seeds onto your morning granola or smoothies; use ground flax seeds and make these Raw Hemp Chia Seed Bars, and use flax to make a Raw Vegan Pizza with Red Pepper Flax Crust.

7. Kombuchakombuchabottles-1200x767

For those of you who are familiar with Kombucha, you know how amazing it is for your health! It is jam-packed with probiotics, aids the detoxification of the liver, balances our pH levels, and increases our metabolism. Learn How to Make Kombucha with our simple guide!

8. CucumberBasil Cucumber Salad [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

With a high water content of 95 percent, eating a lot of cucumber is an easy way to keeping hydrated. Keeping our cells hydrated will allow them to fully function and detox the system from toxins. Try this alkalizing Baked Falafel and Cucumber Noodle Salad With Mint-Tahini Dressing, this Basil Cucumber Salad, and this Spicy Asian Cucumber Avocado Onion Salad.

9. Coconut Water

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Coconut water replaces electrolytes that are lost through physical activity. Electrolytes rehydrate your lost fluids as well, providing the body with essential minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium. It is also super alkalizing, too. Enjoy coconut water on its own or add to your smoothies!

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