5. Nutritional Yeast

Last but not least is the plant-powered eater’s favorite cheesy substitute, nutritional yeast. Nutritional yeast is fortified with vitamin B 12 making it one of the only sources of B 12 from food. Make sure you’re taking a supplement too to be safe! This product is great to sprinkle onto meals but can also be used to concoct its own creations so check out this article for ideas and savory recipes!

Fact of the day: did you know that vitamin B 12 is light sensitive? To ensure that your B 12 stays active so you actually can benefit from nutritional yeast, store it in the fridge. 


Image Source: Nutritional Yeast Health Benefits, Tips, and Recipes

Adding the listed foods is a great start to managing  anxiety but there also some things you can do to further prevent potential anxiety attacks.

  • burn off excess energy with fitness
  • stay away from processed and fried foods (something you should be doing for your health anyway!)– they are difficult to digest and have little nutritional content
  • limit alcohol intake; it may seem to have a calming effect but this is short term and leaves the body dehydrated, leaving you more anxious
  • drink enough water
  • keep an eye out for research on the association between omega-3 fatty acids and depression and anxiety

Image Source: Mick Amato/Flickr