Darren McQueen has been on quite a journey. His weight was almost 400 pounds when the doctor told him he needed a lifestyle change, stat. Borderline diabetic with high blood pressure, he knew he needed a change. Enter, a plant-based diet.

Over four years, alongside working with a trainer, McQueen switched from processed foods to a plant-based diet. He also credits Bellevue Natural Health Clinic for his transformation.


Canadian McQueen told the Daily Hive, “This is for life, I never wanna go back, go through this shit again. It was so tough, I’ve worked way too hard. My life now is so amazing. I used to have pain in my knees, my back. Now I’m pain-free and have this energy that wants me wanting more! I’m so living my best life now and I’m happy. But you can’t stop I’ve got to keep setting goals and moving forward.”

See the before and after photos on Darren’s Instagram


He hit another milestone when he completed an ultra-marathon in British Columbia earlier this year. The five-hour race showed him, as he said, “The body is capable of anything.” McQueen credits those around him with helping him stick to his change. As for tips for others, he says, “Start small. Make health and wellness a way of life. Fill your circle with those who will push and drive you. Find those who inspire you. Remember you only lose when you quit.”


Here’s Darren finishing the ultra marathon, shown on his Instagram



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