Stomach aches are a terrible feeling. It’s difficult to work, be active, or go about your day when you are feeling pain and discomfort. Whether you have stomach cramps, nausea and upset stomach, digestive issues, or the stomach flu, there are plant-based foods that can help soothe your belly and help you feel better. Foods like white rice, mint, ginger, sweet potato, pumpkin, and many more are the kinds you want to be eating, especially in soups and drinks as your mother and grandmother have likely told you since childhood.

To help you out with specific recipes so that you are prepared the next time you aren’t feeling well, here are 10 plant-based belly soothing recipes from our Food Monster App.


1. Ginger Elixir: An Ayurvedic Digestive Drink 

Source: Ginger Elixir: An Ayurvedic Digestive Drink

This recipe by Akshata Sheelvant is an easy Ayurvedic Digestive Drink, best to have during colder seasons. Ginger acts wonders to fire up our digestive system. Good digestion is the cornerstone of health and well-being according to Ayurveda. When our digestive system is working well, we absorb all the necessary nutrients from the food we eat, enjoy healthy circulation and have a good robust immunity to diseases.

2. Oil-Free Vegan Vegetable Broth

Source: Oil-Free Vegan Vegetable Broth

Oil-free vegetable stock is something most people don’t make, but it is pretty easy to do (aside from chopping the veggies) and it’s worth it because it’s fresh, tastes better, and is cheaper than buying it. Make this Oil-Free Vegan Vegetable Broth by Veronica Grace to make healthy, homemade soups or to use in other dishes.


3. Sweet Potato, Carrot, and Leek Soup 

Source: Sweet Potato, Carrot, and Leek Soup

This yummy Sweet Potato, Carrot, and Leek Soup by Clémence Moulaert will make your tastebuds and tummy happy!

4. Perfect Sushi Rice

Source: Perfect Sushi Rice

White rice is very soothing for an upset stomach, and if you master this Sushi Rice recipe by Veronica Grace, then you can eat it not only when you need to soothe your belly, but when you’re in the mood for sushi!


5. Zucchini Pasta With Garlic Green Beans and Stuffing 

Source: Zucchini Pasta With Garlic Green Beans and Stuffing

Alissandra Maffucci‘s Zucchini Pasta With Garlic Green Beans and Stuffing idea is simple (and easy!): throw some leftovers and raw zucchini noodles into a saucepan and cook for about 3 minutes to heat it all up. There’s not much more to it. If you want, add in a couple tablespoons of freshly grated Parmesan cheese to add some creaminess to the noodles. Easy recipes like this are super convenient when you’re feeling under the weather!


6. Pigeon Pea Soup with Opo Squash 

Source: Pigeon Pea Soup with Opo Squash

Richa Hingle‘s warm Pigeon Pea Soup is packed with flavor and filling ingredients — and it doesn’t take all day to make! Protein-rich pigeon peas are cooked with a blend of tempered Indian spices, tender opo squash, and savory broth. This soup can be served with some crusty bread or poppy seed rolls, or as a side in an Indian meal with flatbread, pickles, and vegetables. You can substitute pigeon peas with other split lentils or grams and the squash with other mild-flavored quick cooking squash.

7. Green Beans With Toasted Mustard Seeds and Garlic 

Source: Green Beans With Toasted Mustard Seeds and Garlic

Rinku Bhattacharya‘s Green Beans With Toasted Mustard Seeds and Garlic are a light and lively rendition of green beans, garlicky with a nice dose of mellow tempered heat!


8. Avocado Kale Chili Salad 

Source: Avocado Kale Chili Salad

Getting tired of the same old kale salad? Mix it up by adding this creamy avocado dressing on top of even more avocado. Because who are we kidding? Avocado never gets old. Rachael Campbell‘s Avocado Kale Chili Salad also benefits from the spicy bite of freshly-sliced chilis and the added crunch of slivered almonds.

9. Cream of Wild Rice Soup 

Source: Cream of Wild Rice Soup

Ashley Flitter‘s nutty and aromatic Cream of Wild Rice Soup uses one of my favorite Minnesota-grown ingredients: wild rice. I love the creamy texture without the heaviness of a traditional cream soup. Enjoy this on a cold and snowy winter day with a cup of hot tea!

10. Pumpkin Tarka Dhal 

Source: Pumpkin Tarka Dhal

Laura Hemmington‘s Pumpkin Tarka Dhal is richly-spiced, creamy, and deliciously warming. Simple cooking at its best — you’ll want to make this a weekday dinner staple. Yellow split peas are cooked with warm spices and served with roasted winter squash. The tarka – fried spices – complements the pumpkin. Onion, garlic, and tomato, give it a really rich and robust sauce quality. You can either stir it into the dhal, or add it as a garnish before serving.

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